Let’s Get This Ball Rolling

8 Aug

After waiting for AF for an eternity, she finally showed. Yay! Who would have thought that would make me happy ?! Now I am ecstatic about my first cycle with a RE. I have an awesome feeling about this month. God has showered me with peace.

We got the results of hubby’s SA and, thank you Lord, he has a count of 45 million!! Still waiting on the morphology, but Dr. D seems to think it will be great as well. What a blessing?!

I started Clomid on day 3 and will be taking an extended dose ending on day 9. Along with the Prednisone (to lower DHEA levels thanks to PCOS) and Novarel (trigger shot) I feel like we have a very good chance of conceiving this cycle.

I go in on 08/15 for my mid-cycle scan. Very excited and saying my prayers.

Tip: If you are using fertility drugs without insurance coverage, I strongly suggest using the Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy. They are super affordable!! Our Novarel script was going to be :$210 at a local pharmacy but we paid $60 at WSP and it is being shipped for FREE!! Here is the number for the pharmacy: 1-800-424-9002


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