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Long Time No See

14 Apr

I apologize for abandoning my blog like I have. So much has been going on that I simply forgot it existed. The good news is I’M PREGNANT! You heard right. 36 weeks and a day. Our little miracle will be making his appearance soon.

We finally conceived after 14 months. It was our first cycle with a RE. Clomid, Prednisone, and , Novarel was the winning fertility cocktail for us, but I won’t pretend for a second that is wasn’t all GOD! And He didn’t stop there. I’ve had an amazing and easy pregnancy without sickness or a single complaint. Our baby boy is healthy and strong and we are now looking forward to a natural, unmedicated birth.

I want to try to continue this blog because infertility awareness is still something I am passionate about. I hope to somehow inspire others facing similar struggles to put their faith in God and believe He can send miracles.

So say a prayer for me as I try.

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