DIY No Sew Crib Teething Protector

15 Jan

My son has always been a super drooler. Certain family members and a few strangers thought to inform me that he was most likely teething at 3 months old. Blah blah. Wrong! Actually, we just welcomed his very first pearly white at 8 months.

I decided that we needed something to protect the crib from tiny teeth marks. Ya know, since babies obviously become beavers. Afterall, we will likely be using the same crib for at least a couple more babies. Let me just tell you, crib protectors are expensive. Even the adorable ones on Etsy were just a bit too pricey for this frugal mama. And I could never make my own, right? I mean my sewing skills are less than…um…mediocre. Then I came across a no sew way to make my own and was surprised at how easy and cheap it was to do.

What you will need:

  • Fleece Fabric – I recommend fleece because it doesn’t fray when cut and the edges can be left raw. I purchased 2 yards at Walmart for $2.49 a yard. I have a ton of excess. 1 yard would have been plenty. Perhaps even half a yard.
  • Scissors

Cut the fabric the length of your crib rail by about 10-12 inches wide. Lay this long piece of fabric across the rail and use your scissors to cut strips in between the bars of the crib. When you are finished, lay the fabric on the floor and use the slits you just cut as a guide to cut the other side.


Lay your finished, fringed piece across the rail of your crib.


Now start tying double knots in the spaces between the bars. There will be strips of fabric where the bars are. Just tuck those up into the fabric.



And viola! Now just repeat on the other side.



One Response to “DIY No Sew Crib Teething Protector”

  1. Angelfish Dragonfly June 25, 2014 at 3:44 am #

    This is a really great DIY tutorial. The fact you don’t need to sew is a bonus. Thank you for sharing.

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