About The Blogger

I was born and raised in the hills of Tennessee in a small, rural town. A place where everybody knows everybody and we have a language all our own. I was fortunate enough to be brought into this world in the arms of a Christian woman. My mother is a bright light in my life through darkness and in sunshine. She introduced me to the place I still worship at at barely one week old. The church I attend is a little, white Baptist church with a bell and steeple and a congregation of less than 100. It is there that I learned about Christ. It is there that I discovered I was lost, and it was there that I was born again. I received salvation on July 27, 2008 at 17 years old.

I  married my best friend and (without a single doubt) soul mate in 2011. He is a blessing to me and I am proud to have joined into the holy bonds of matrimony with such a strong, loving Christian man. We began trying to conceive in June of the same year. Because of a PCOS diagnosis I received at just 14 years old, I knew our journey into parenthood might be a long and draining one. I was on birth control pills for 6 years as a treatment for the PCOS, when I stopped taking them I stopped menstruating. After 8 long months of no hope for a baby at all, we decided to seek help. I started seeing an OB GYN who specialized in infertility. All my blood work came back normal. This was good news and bad. Good because it seemed as though I was pretty healthy, bad because it gave us no answers. How were we supposed to conceive without any knowledge of what was wrong with me? We started 50mg of Clomid in February of 2012. I ovulated for the first time in at least six years ! But still no baby. The next month we tried 100mg with the same results. On the 3rd cycle we did 150mg with no luck. I stopped responding. We tried the Clomid one more time at 100mg again. By day 31 of my cycle I still had not ovulated. At that point, we made the decision to see a RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist, or fertility specialist). My husband had a semen analysis which came back perfect and I underwent a second round of testing. This time we discovered that I had ever so slightly elevated levels of DHEA. Our first course of action was an extended Clomid round at 100mg, Novarel injection, and Prednisone (for the elevated DHEA). I prayed my heart out that cycle and sat back to watch God work. I went in for my mid cycle scan to discover 3 mature follicles and triggered the same day. I ovulated roughly 24 hrs later and at 10 days post ovulation I was blessed to see two pink lines! I never felt more overwhelmed with emotion as I did in that moment. All I could do was say “Thank you Lord” over and over. It took 14 months, 2 doctors and a million prayers but we finally conceived our little miracle. Our first born son entered the world healthy and perfect on May 9th 2013. We plan to try for 2 more little blessings if that’s God’s will for us.

Do I wish I could’ve gotten pregnant immediately? Yes. Would I change this journey? Absolutely not. Our grief and sadness brought my husband and I even closer together, my pain made me inch closer and closer into the arms of my loving Father, and through it all I have grown… into a better me. I now have the opportunity to reach out to others dealing with the pain of infertility. So it’s worth it!

I initially created this blog to spread infertility awareness. However, since its creation I’ve not only conceived but delivered a healthy, perfect child. Infertility is still an important topic to me, but my blog is now about much more. It’s about faith, love, motherhood, marriage and more. Enjoy 🙂


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