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Why Hypnobabies is Awesome

6 Jan

Even before I got pregnant I knew I wanted a natural birth. There was no question. I’ll save my reasons for another post 😉

I started looking into natural childbirth very early on and that’s when I stumbled upon the Hypnobabies program. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical. My initial response was the same as so many other’s. I thought it sounded like a bunch of hippy dippy bull but the more I looked into it the more I loved the idea of trying it and I did. Now I can’t stop singing it’s praises. In fact, I truly hope to become a Hypnobabies instructor one of these days. Have I sparked your interest yet?

What is Hypnobabies?
Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth course that uses powerful hypnosis tools to help moms achieve a more comfortable, beautiful birthing experience, without fear or anxiety. Typically Hypnobabies is used for natural, unmedicated births but many have used it successfully for medicated births as well. Hypnobabies DOES NOT promise a pain free birth, although many mamas experience just that. Instead the program provides tools and information to create a more peaceful, stress free and comfortable environment. Hypnobabies teaches women how to “retrain” their mind to release society’s negative views of birth and adapt new ways of thinking about the process. “What you dwell upon most will come to pass.”

Hypnobabies uses hypno anesthesia, the same powerful form of hypnosis used to perform surgery on patients with allergies to traditional anesthesia. True hypnosis is not what you see on a stage or at a carnival. Hypnosis is a normal, natural state that we all experience daily. If you have ever been tuned in to your favorite TV show or so lost in a good book that the time just flew, you’ve been in hypnosis. The mind is very suggestive in this state. Hypnobabies uses this fact to teach the mind how to view childbirth in a positive light. No hocus pocus involved. And because Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth program, you do not need to take any other courses. In fact, it is advised that you don’t as other classes may contradict your new way of thinking. Hypnobabies not only provides hypnosis tools but also includes information on pregnancy, diet and exercise, labor and delivery and so much more. The program is offered as a 6 week class or in the form of a home study course. I chose the latter.

My Review

I started the program a little earlier than suggested at 24 weeks pregnant. I practiced as reccomended, every single day til my son was born.

I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks most of my life. This is the main reason I chose this program over others. Within days of starting the program I felt more calm, much less anxious. My pregnancy from then on was amazing. I remained 100% confident and calm. I looked forward to my son’s birth without an ounce of fear. I also looked forward to listening to my Hypnobabies scripts every night. It was like a mini vacation everyday. Bliss.

Because of the program, I spent a lot of time in reflection and thinking positively. I got to know my body well and even felt closer to my unborn son.

When my water broke and contractions started, I began using my hypnosis tools immediately. Although my contractions were intense and close together immediately I remained comfortable and at peace, completely confident the whole time. I spent 5 hours at home then decided to go to the hospital. That was a mistake but a topic best saved for another day. Although I eventually did end up with an epidural, I do not blame Hypnobabies at all and it does not change my opinion of the program. My decision was induced by pushy, insensitive medical staff, unforseen complications and unpredictable circumstances. Hypnobabies did it’s job completely by helping me remain calm and confident. I know that under better circumstances, Hypnobabies would have given me the natural birth I desired and I cannot wait to use it for my next (hopefully birthing center) birth. In my opinion, the program is 100% worth it. I love Hypnobabies!

To find out more or to order a home study visit http://www.hypnobabies.com

Have questions for me? Just ask 🙂


My Birth Story

19 Nov

This is my birth story as written and shared a week after my son’s birth. I had prepared for a natural birth but didn’t exactly get there.

“I started the Hypnobabies program at 24 weeks and did each class for 2 weeks instead of one. I loved practicing and was very dedicated to the program. I never missed a single script and I did my finger drops daily without fail. I had a wonderful pregnancy and was calm and confident about my birthing.On May 8th I sat down on the couch with DH and told him I had a feeling something was about to happen. Maybe an hour later my water broke. I got very nervous and panicked because I had visualized my waters staying in tact til further into my birthing time. I listened to Fear Clearing and felt so much better. Pressure waves started very intense and 2 mins apart. I used my light switch and peace cue and felt like I was handling well. The only position I could be comfortable in however was leaning and swaying. I continued using my HB tools with complete confidence. About 5 hours into my birthing time I started vomiting and shaking. I knew these were signs of transition so I decided it was time to go to the hospital. When I arrived I was checked and at 2cm! I couldn’t believe it. I was so dissapointed. My pressure waves were now extremely intense and I was throwing up with most of them. Dh was applying counter pressure but it was of little help. I was in (BOP) lots of pain. I was moaning and vocalizing through but felt like I was barely making it. I was checked again 2 hours later and still only at a 3. I had been in my birthing time for 8 hours and had made very little progress. I cried and told DH I couldn’t do it anymore. I opted for an epi and although it felt like heaven I was devasted with the decision I had made and I cried many times during my birthing time because I felt like a complete failure. After getting the epi I was barely progressing. I was put on high doses of pit and ended up birthing for 23 hours total. My son was born May 9th 2013 at 5:49pm. He weighed 7lbs 6oz and is PERFECT. For him I am so thankful but I can’t help but mourn the birthing experience that I didn’t get.”


At 6 months post partum I am still struggling with my birth experience. These are very difficult emotions for me because I know I am blessed to have a healthy child regardless of how he entered the world. In hindsight, I think many things contributed to me “giving up”. I do not blame Hypnobabies. In fact, the program gave me peace and calmness where I otherwise would have been frantic. I do plan to use Hypnobabies again. I think my decision to use a OB and a hospital was my first mistake. I did like my doctor as a person but I honestly felt judged and belittled by him my entire pregnancy. I felt like he refused to take me seriously. That should have been the first red flag. And although I had several amazing nurses, for the most part, they made me feel like a sick patient instead of a strong, birthing woman. The triage nurse bullied me several times and I can’t help but wonder if those amazing nurses may have been less than amazing if I hadn’t already had the epidural when I met them.

I also feel as though perhaps I was a bit stunned by the unanticipated path my birthing took. I hadn’t expected my water to break first, my contractions to start out so intense and close or to be stuck in triage for 10 hours because L&D was full. I had visualized laboring in the shower in my own room, progressing at a steady pace, and being completely respected by the hospital staff.

I can say for certain that next time I will have a midwife and use a birthing center.

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